Welcome to Grade 5 Math!!

Dear Parents,

Grade 5 Math can often be very frustrating... I may have been known to call it "Dumb math"... Grade 6 gets better, promise! ;) There are a lot foundational/building skills (modeling place value, time jumping, variations of multiplying) that require certain methods for full marks. If you are helping with homework and there is confusion or stress or frustration, please leave it, and I will help the following day. Students are always required to try each question, but if you help and they say, "Miss Bowler didn't show us that!" Please trust them and let it go! :)

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Miss Bowler

Chapter 9 & 10 Multiplying and Dividing Decimals (Tuesday May 29th)

Thursday May 24th
Chapter 9 AND 10 review are being worked on.
ONE of the two needs to be done by Friday! BOTH due by Monday

Friday May 18th
Page 291 # 4, 5, Bonus: Page 294 #20

Thursday May 17th
Page 289 #4, 5 BONUS Page 294 #18

Friday May 11th
Chapter 10 Mid Chapter Review page 284

Thursday May 10th
Chapter 9 Mid Chapter Review page 254

Wednesday May 9th
Working on a package of sheets to be marked so it will be done in class.
Please FEEL FREE to practice times tables and long division!!!!!!!!

Monday May 7th
Page 276 #7 Page 292 #3, 4, 5, 7 BONUS Page 295 #3

Thursday May 3rd
Page 262 #7, 8 Page253 #5, 6 BONUS Page 253 #9

Tuesday May 1st
Page 249 #5, 6, 7 (pick two), Page 262 #2 BONUS Page 262 #3
Page 292 #1, 2 BONUS Page 295 #3

Monday April 30th
Chapter 9 and 10 "Do you Remember"

Friday April 27th
Chapter 9 and 10 "Do you Remember" and work sheets, but not homework

Tuesday April 24th
Chapter Review is due tomorrow!

Monday April 23rd
Began chapter review! Should finish in class tomorrow and take it up Wednesday!

Friday April 20th
Page 237 #4, 5, 6 BONUS #7

Tuesday April 17th
Class activity continued. NO homework... lucky kids! ;)

Friday April 13th
We did a class activity based on Perimeter and Area. (no homework)

Thursday April 12th
Mid Chapter Review! Everyone finished in class and they are working on a perimeter and area challenge in groups!
No homework

Wednesday April 11th
Page 229 #4, 5, 6 BONUS Page 239 #4

Tuesday April 10th
We worked on counting the area of an irregular shape. Not homework as they had double math today!

Monday April 9th
They are working with Geo Boards and dot paper today, comparing area and perimeter.
No homework.

Friday February 23rd
They were given a sheet to be completed at home! Just the angle measures!! (protractor practice)
Tests were returned. if your child didn't get their's back it is because I have a question to ask them for or about understanding.

Monday Feb 12th
Page 176 #5, 6, 7, 8 BONUS #9

The past week was all long division practice in class.

Wednesday January 31st
Page 182 #15, 16, 17, 18

Tuesday January 30th
Mid Chapter Review! #1 - 8

Monday January 29th
37 x 72 =
Students are to show you how they solve this problem and have you sign off on it. please and thank you

We've been working on multiplying! REAL MULTIPLYING!!! Vertical multiplying.

Chapter 5 tests were handed back. Any retests will be held on Monday.

Friday January 26th
They will be practicing more multiplying! So no homework, BUT always feel free to have them do multiplying whenever, all weekend! :)

Thursday January 25th
We learned and practiced vertical multiplying! That's right!! Normal math that parents can help with!!! Two, two-digit numbers!!!

Wednesday January 24th
Page 168 #4, 7, 9, 10 BONUS #11

Tuesday January 23rd
Page 165 #4 - 9 BONUS Page 183 #4

This week (January 7th) has been class work of the time jump method. They have hopefully showed you this method...
Review has started for a test next Wednesday, which should be in their agendas!!!

Tuesday December 19th
Page 140 #6 - 10 BONUS #11

Thursday December 14th
They have been working hard in class and completing the work!! Mid chapter was today and done and done!

Friday December 8th
Chapter 4 Lesson 2 #6, 7, 8

Thursday November 30th
Page 113 #4, 5, 6 BONUS Page 121 #5

Tuesday November 28th
Page 109 #3, 4 BONUS Page 120 #16
Monday November 27th
Page 103 #5 & 6

Friday November 24th
Mid Chapter review (likely finished in class)

Tuesday November 21st
Page 101 #5, 6, 7 BONUS Page 119 #10

Monday November 20th
Page 99 #3, 4, 5 BONUS Page 118 #6

Monday November 6th
Page 79 #4 - 7

Wednesday November 1st
UPDATE: We have been working on intervals and ranges when reading data for creating graphs. This has been essentially in class work as it is a complex idea. Their sheets are due tomorrow, but several finished in class today.

Friday October 27th
We've been working on graphs; specifically intervals and ranges... they can do their best on the work sheet, just the first page and two intervals. Unit tests should be signed by a parent as well.

Monday October 23rd
Page 66 #2, 4 BONUS #3
Friday October 13th
REVIEW SHEETS! For students that "forget" them or were away or at Cross Country, here is the PDF to print and get some practice in this weekend ;)

Thursday October 12th
Page 51 #5, 6, 7b BONUS #7a

Wednesday October 11th
Page 49 #3, 4, 5 BONUS #6

Tuesday October 10th
Page 47 #5, 6, 7, 8 BONUS #9 & 10

Friday October 6th

Thursday October 5th
Page 43 #6, 7, 8, 9 BONUS Page 53 #13

Tuesday September 26th
GET YOUR TEST SIGNED!!! (and bring it back please for take up)
Page 30 #5, 6, 7 BONUS Page 41 #3

Monday September 18th
Page 20 #1-4
Chapter review today and tomorrow! Take up on Wednesday, practice questions on Thursday!

Thursday September 14th
Page 10 Mid Chapter Review #1 - 5

Wednesday September 13th
Add up the following set of numbers!
2 + 4 + 6 + ... + 196 + 198 + 200
1) How many numbers are there?
2) How many pairs/buddies/groups are there?
3) Strawberry rule: add the first and last, second last and second, and so on.
4) Final Answer: Pairs X Strawberry rule =

Monday September 11th
Page 9 #6, 7, 8 BONUS Page 10 #4

Friday September 8th
Students should complete the good copy of their "letter" and the T-chart for it by Monday! It's for their portfolio.

Thursday September 7th
Letters and Tcharts will be worked on in class tomorrow and THEN hmwk. Free night!

Wednesday September 6th
Page 3 "Do You Remember?" #1, 2b, 3, 4

PLEASE NOTE: This is not needed yet... :

This document can be printed at home and kept in their books for the measurement unit!